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Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving to the nonprofit cause you are most passionate about.  This is the season of giving and doing for others.  We at Allie's Haven Animal Rescue are extremely passionate about ending suffering of the homeless and abused dogs in Texas.  Did you know that 8 million dogs and cats enter shelters in the United States each year and more than half will not leave the shelters alive.  Texas has several million strays and the number cannot be counted due to the hundreds of thousands of puppies born on the streets, many that wont survive the first week.  One Texas city has over 1.2million stray dogs which is extremely overwhelming to most animal welfare non-profit organizations.  Our rescue is small but we believe we save as many lives as we possibly can, medically treat, rehabilitate, train and love until they are placed in wonderful approved adoptive homes.  These are the few lucky ones. 

If you would like to help us help the homeless dogs in Texas please mark your calendar for Tuesday, December 3rd and donate, register to become a foster home or join our team as a volunteer.   

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We don't leave seniors and medical special needs dogs behind.  We have a  special hospice program for those dogs that are  aging, sick and deemed unadoptable.  Often times these dogs are surrendered by their owners in high kill shelters or abandoned by their owners.  These sick, injured, aged and terminal dogs deserve to know love and to not be killed in cold shelters.  We accept them into our program and get them evaluated and treat them accordingly with pain management, simple blood tests, X-rays etc to get a general idea of the dogs health before putting a plan in place for them.  Because these dogs are not adoptable in most cases, we work to raise the necessary funds to help cover their medical care.  We have a compassionate veterinary team that helps these dogs cross the rainbow bridge peacefully and surrounded by love.  We have a few very dedicated hospice foster homes.  We are truly grateful for them as this is  extremely emotional and challenging for them.