Adoption Information

What you need to know before adopting a rescue dog from Allie's Haven Animal Rescue

Thank you for your interest in adopting from Allie’s Haven Animal Rescue. We have a structured application process that we work hard to process as quickly as our volunteers can get them done which can take up to 2 weeks to process.  We know when you have made to the decision to adopt you are ready to start your search for your new family member.  When we receive and review your application we will contact your veterinarian, landlord, references, and conduct a home visit. Through the application process we are better able to determine the dog that will be the best fit for your home. The best way to move the process along more quickly is to provide us with a thoroughly completed application. We thank you in advance for your patience through this process.

Allie's Haven Animal Rescue is committed to the dogs we accept into our program after a thorough evaluation of personality, temperament and health.  We want our adopters to be prepared and committed to the dog they adopt so minimize the chance of an adoption return.   Our dogs come from various situations such as high kill shelters, strays and occassionally owner surrendered to our rescue.  

Adoption Fees:

  •  Puppies  (6 months and younger)  $300.00
  • Adults (over 6 months - 8yrs old)    $275.00
  • Senior dogs (over 8 years old)          $200.00

Before submitting your application please read these considerations:

  • If puppies are adopted out before all vetting is complete you must take the adopted puppy to one of our approved veterinary partners in order for the rescue to cover the expenses.  If you choose to go to your own personal vet then you are responsible for the costs and we do require proof be sent to the rescue upon completion.

  • If you are interested in a specific dog, that does not guarantee the dog’s availability after you have been approved to adopt, OR that the dog may not be the most appropriate fit for your family.  However, the dog of interest may already be meeting other families. In the case of puppies we typically have a waitlist and after being approved you will be placed on the list in the order your application was submitted. While we may be able to adopt a puppy to you we will not guarantee that you will get to choose from the entire litter, or that the color preference can be accommodated.

  • We understand falling in love with a picture you see on our website, we do it all the time! However, our goal is to place our dogs in their forever home, and even though they may be appealing in picture, they may not have the necessary temperament for your family.  

  • We do occasionally adopt out of state, but it is not common practice. Our primary adoption area is the Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding area and we give priority to adopters in this area.  We do have specific requirements for out of state adoptions that must be met before the dog/puppy is adopted.

  • Out of area adopter are required to provide transportation at their cost and if the dog/puppy does not work out then the adopter must pay expenses to return the dog.

  • Out of area adoptions that have not completed all of the required vetting after adoption will be done by the adopter at their cost.  The adopter must provide proof to the rescue upon completion.  

  • Our adoption fee covers all identified medical needs during the dog’s time in rescue including microchipped, core vaccinations (distemper/parvo, Bordetella, Rabies and Lepto), fecal test and broad spectrum dewormer, heartworm test and if positive treated according to the American Heartworm Society guidelines and started on heartworm and flea and tick preventative.  We also take care of any serious medical needs that a rescue dog presents with such as mange, parvo, distemper, upper respiratory infections, pneumonia, broken bones to name a few.

  • If you adopt a puppy or dog its your responsibility to contact the rescue for any unforseen medical concerns within 10 days of adoption.

  • We do NOT do onsite (event) adoptions

  • Existing and recent pets in your home must be current on recommended vaccines, heartworm preventative (proof of purchase must be provided) and spayed/neutered.  Please specifiy any medical reason if not current.

  • You must have the ability to properly exercise your adopted dog.

  • You must be willing to work with a professional trainer or behaviorist to work through any unforseen behaviors/obedience issues.

  • Our adopted dogs must be inside dogs that will be a loved family member.  We do not adopt to homes that want an outside only dog.

  • We highly encourage our adopters to crate the dog when not attended for safety reasons.

  • We do permit adoptions to families that live in apartments, condos or townhomes; however, they must be the best fit for this environment.

  • We do not adopt out to homes with invisible fences, 4' chain link fences for safety reasons.